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Service and services

The main specialization of our company is the provision of service, overhaul and other services necessary for the operation of solar inverters, especially from manufacturers:Fronius, AEG, SMA and Kostal.


We also provide repairs and service:

  • welding inverters

  • management and control units

  • industrial electronics

  • and more ............

Price list and warranty period:

Price of 1 hour of work (repairs, overhaul, service):                                                                                              CZK 800 without VAT

Price of fault diagnosis (flat rate):                                                                                                 CZK 550 without VAT

The price of the repair will be determined according to the actual condition and nature of the defect and the service performed.

The warranty period for the work performed is 6 months.

The warranty period for replaced spare parts is 24 months according to § 654 of the Civil Code.

The warranty begins on the day the order is accepted by the customer.

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