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Our approach 

Thorough cleanliness as a priority: Before each repair, we thoroughly clean the device. This ensures a clean and safe environment for our technicians and faster problem identification. We will also give the customer a repaired device that looks almost like new.

Weller professional soldering technique: We use professional soldering technology from the renowned Weller company, which allows us to carry out precise and reliable repairs.

Quality tools and measuring devices: We use quality tools and gauges to quickly identify problems and ensure our repairs are carried out to the highest level of quality. Quality parts are the key to our reliable repairs.

Quality parts for repairs: Our commitment to quality is reflected in the use of quality and reliable components before they were originally used by the manufacturer. Even though we use quality parts, repair and service costs remain affordable for our customers.

Thorough measurement and testing of all components: Before using any component, we carry out careful measurements and testing. This ensures that every part we use meets our high quality standards and increases the reliability of our repairs.


In this way, we emphasize our commitment to quality, reliability and the trust of our customers.

The TONIT s.r.o. team

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