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Questions and Answers

What you need to know and what you wanted to ask.


How does the order reach us?


You bring it, send it, we pick it up, or let it be picked up. We use all reasonable shipping companies. It depends on the deal. If you will deliver the order yourself, please agree on the exact date with us in advance. We have parking spaces at the company, so you don't have to worry about parking in Prague in Žižkov.

How about the warranty?

The warranty applies only to the work performed and the material supplied. It is standard for 1 year, but for some repairs it is for two years. We decide what is and is not a guarantee.

What goes wrong the most? And how is it fixed?

After about 10 years, the performance elements have had enough and need to be replaced. The relay connecting the inverter to the mains circuit and the components of the output filter change the most.

We use new parts of better quality than the manufacturer used. The reason is simple, during a repair, a higher price will not affect the price of the repair, and the return of the repair to us for service is minimized.

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